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001 Lady Tiger: The Intro

For yesterday's me, on becoming a fierce "Lady Tiger"

I am starting this blog as a 31 year old, first generation Latina. 

These are some key things that have shaped my journey so far: 

  • Immigrant parents from El Salvador.
  • Born in Miami.
  • Grew up in North Carolina.
  • Studied abroad in Spain for a summer.
  • Majored in Graphic Design at NC A&T.
  • Worked corporate as a Marketing Specialist for 6 years.
  • Started my freelance design career in 2019.
  • Divorced during the COVID pandemic.
  • Had my first solo art show in 2021.

These are the things that are important to me, and what this blog is about.

Wellness. Health is the greatest wealth.
  • Self care
  • Women’s health
  • Fitness
  • Happiness
  • Beauty

Self-improvement. Always be learning.
  • Books & podcasts
  • Building confidence
  • Overcoming social anxiety, impostor syndrome
  • Managing money
  • Doing more with less

Business. “I’m Not A Businessman, I’m A Business, Man.”
  • Purpose & passion
  • Productivity
  • Getting paid
  • Being a brand

Travel. Moments & experiences > things.
  • Trip planning & recaps

Beauty Everyday. As an artist, I enjoy finding beauty everyday. I am almost always taking a picture of something that catches my eye. As a human, I aim to experience a life full of joy. This will be a daily joy/beauty journal.
  • Documenting a moment of joy/beauty everyday